Disney sequels

I'm a big Disney fan.

Let me amend that.

I went to Disney World on my honeymoon last year. I'm a big fan of classic Disney, and Disney animated features (the ones that are shown in movie theatres) from before 2002. But frankly, I think the animated features have been going downhill in a big way, and now that Disney has abandoned traditional animated features in favour of cheaper computer animation, my love affair with Disney is waning.

The thing that bugs me the most is the sequels. Oh God in heaven, THE SEQUELS. It makes me wonder if the folks at Disney have a creative bone left in their bodies. I used to have every Disney movie. I bought all of the animated features, and even started buying the direct to video sequels of animated features. I have The Rescuers Down Under, the Aladdin sequels, The Lion King 2... Lord help me I even have The Little Mermaid 2. Then I started to realize that in general, they're not very good! In fact, some of them downright suck. My frustration hit a peak when Disney released Cinderella 2. (It's happily ever after!!! There shouldn't BE a sequel!!)

Finally, I've found someone who shares my frustration enough to write about it. The 7th Level has an article about Disney sequels that's funny, truthful, and for those of you with children, tells you which sequels are tolerable, which are just plain bad, and which ones you shouldn't watch

"...unless of course you want your kid to scream "Hah, hah!" and smash the game board over their best friend's head whenever he/she wins at Checkers."

Pixar still rocks, though.